State Master Councilors of Maryland

To serve as State Master Councilor is an honor.  One young man is elected by his peers to serve as the leader of all DeMolay in Maryland for one year.  His responsibilities are many and varied.  He must put together a term plan and budget for his year.  The term plan must include events and activities  that would be of interest to all members, and chapters within his State. The SMC must also motivate and inspire the members in the brotherhood of DeMolay.

He is the main representative of all Maryland DeMolays within the State, and is invited to attend and speak at many Chapter functions, and a number of masonic and collateral bodies in the State.  The position requires hard work and devotion to the order of DeMolay.

Year        Name                       Chapter

1933    Robert G. Harrington      Frederick Chapter

1934    Wesley W. Sargent           Tuscan Chapter

1935    George W. McBride         Hagerstown Chapter

1936    Calvin Sweeten                 Belvedere Chapter

1937    G. Edward Nogle              Frederick Chapter

1938    Mayberry I. Peterson      Hagerstown Chapter

1939    Robert L. Morris              Robert Le Bruce Chapter

1941    Emory L. Hasenei            Belvedere Chapter

1946    Leon G. England              Cumberland Chapter

1947    Lorna O. Allen, Jr.            Anacostia Chapter

1948    John A. Marx                    George F. Moore Chapter

1949    Henry W. Stinz                 Baltimore Chapter

1950    Kenneth Wisn                   Door To Virtue Chapter

1951    Donald Sager                     Jephthah Chapter **

            F. William Harrison        George F. Moore Chapter

1952    Albert C. Kaestner, Jr      Tuscan Chapter

1953    W. Austin Kenly                Towson – Mt. Moriah Chapter

1954    John P. Moore                   Overlea Chapter

1955    Kenneth Carney                Birmingham Chapter

1956    Howard Matthews II       Baltimore Chapter

1957    Larry L. Theis                    Baltimore Chapter

1958    Kenneth Clark                   Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

1959    John B. Kincaid                George F. Moore Chapter

1960    Harry E. Herman             Overlea Chapter

1961    Steve Cumberland            Seat Pleasant Chapter

1962    Robert W. Stanley            Robert Le Bruce Chapter

1963    Nicholas P. Conti              Overlea Chapter

1964    Carroll R. Pate, Jr.            West Gate Chapter

1965    Stephen J. Ponzillo III      Dundalk Chapter

1966    William D. Harpole          West Gate Chapter

1967    Carlton F. Gate                   Robert Le Bruce Chapter

1968    Morley Frech                      Baltimore Chapter

1969    Larry E. Cooper                  Overlea Chapter

1970    Raoul L. Frevel                   Tuscan Chapter ++

1971    Jeff Whelan                          Cornerstone Chapter

1972    Gerald Krizan                      Cornerstone Chapter

1973    Gregory Raymond              Overlea Chapter

1974    Douglas Wolf                      Cornerstone Chapter

1975    Kim Schrock                       Cornerstone Chapter

1976    Craig Davis                         Kensington Chapter

1977    Howard W. Kellogg           Overlea Chapter

1978    B. Kevin Rice                     Cumberland Chapter

1979    R. Lee Newman, Jr.          Overlea Chapter

1980    Phil A. Shortt                    R.C.C. Chapter

1981    Chris Bateman                  Birmingham Chapter

1982    Michael F. Berends          Overlea Chapter

1983    Kenneth Kiessling            Glen Burnie Chapter

1984    D. Eric Loshl                      R.C.C. Chapter

1985    William C. Eppig               Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

1986    Michal C. McGuffie           Mervell M. Dean Chapter

1987    Jeffrey Dill                           Overlea Chapter

1988    Carl A. Michel, Jr.              Overlea Chapter

1989    Michael W. McKay             Kensington Chapter

1990    Brian S. Harden                  Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

1991    Mark D. Bull                         Catonsville – Palestine Chapter **

1992    Brett T. J. Bean                    Dundalk Chapter

1993    Jeffrey J. Hoffman              Frederick Chapter

1994    Michael G. Sorenson           Glen Burnie Chapter

1995    Michael W. Farlow               Salisbury Chapter

1996    Sterling F. DeBold, Jr.         George F. Moore Chapter

1997    Todd C. Hoglund                   Chesapeake Chapter

1998    Chris Humphreys                 Chesapeake Chapter

1999    Jesse M. Sandler                   Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

2000    Paul D. Camden                   Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

2001    James C. Davis                      Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

2002    Nicholas A. Baker                 Frederick Chapter

2003    Kristopher Greenwell          Chesapeake Chapter **

2004    LeRoy J. Graefe III              Salisbury Chapter

2005    Not filled

2006    Thomas E. Reinhardt           Frederick Chapter

2007    Jamie Hansen                        Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

2008    Luke McCormick                  Catonsville – Palestine Chapter **

2009    Thomas Plourde                    Frederick Chapter

2010    Nicholas J. Lawson               Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

2011    Robert Nowland                     Catonsville – Palestine Chapter

2012   Joseph Speck                            Frederick Chapter

2013   Sepp Panzer                             Catonsville Chapter

2014  Spencer Schuch                        Stephen J. Ponzillo, Jr. Chapter

2015  Cameron B. Newman              Cumberland Chapter

2016    Tyler Florian                     George F. Moore Chapter **

            Benjamin Fleury                Catonsville-Palestine Chapter

2017  Daniel J. McKinley             Stephen J. Ponzillo, Jr. Chapter



++ – International Master Councilor

** – Did Not Complete Term





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