Maryland DeMolay Receives Resolution!


Maryland DeMolay Receives Resolution from The House of Delegates for DeMolay Month!

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016 a delegation from Maryland DeMolay traveled to the Maryland State House to receive a House of Delegates Resolution to honor DeMolay Month.  This resolution was sponsored by Delegate and PSMC Mike McKay.

Receiving the Resolution

State Master Councilor Cameron Newman and Deputy State Master Councilor Tyler Florian, along with Executive Officer William Eppig, received the Resolution from Delegate Mike McKay and Speaker Michael Bush for DeMolay Month.  They had the great privilege of receiving the Resolution at the Speakers desk while the house was in session.

They traveled with Brothers and advisors from Savage, Stephen Ponzillo, Jr., and George F. Moore Chapters.

After the Session ended we traveled to the Double T Dinner for a great lunch!

It was a memorable night for all and Maryland DeMolay  thanks Delegate McKay for making this happen!


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