Maryland DeMolay Honors and Awards


Dad William Homer Carroll Chapter of the Year

The purpose of this award is to inspire chapters to reach a level of overall Chapter Excellence for the year and runs from January 1st until December 31st of each year.  This Award was reintroduced in 2014.

Criteria for this award is intended to assist our Chapters in completing most basic requirements for a program that will encourage, enrich, and strengthen our young men and Advisors.

Chapters will be graded in the areas of Membership, State Event Attendance, Term Plans, Education, Ritual, Chapter Communication, DeMolay Month, Chapter Activities (civic service, masonic service, fund raising, social, athletics) Visitations, and their Advisory Council.

All entries must be received by February 1st and Award will be presented at the Congress Session each year.

Click to print application –  ChapterOfTheYear2016 (1)

Chapter of the Year Past Winners

2014 – Nelson J. Briggs
2015 – George F. Moore




Dad Harry S. Harpole Membership Trophy

Presented by the Harpole Family in 1969 in memory of Dad Harry D. Harpole, Past State Master Councilor of Maryland DeMolay. The trophy is awarded to the chapter that initiates the most members for the calendar year.





DeMolay of the Year

Presented by Dad Eppig on behalf the Past State Master Councilors of Maryland.  This award recognizes the DeMolay who best exemplifies DeMolay overall for the the year.  Recommendations are made in the DeMolay’s behalf to the awards committee.  An outline of his accomplishments and character are prepared and submitted to the Awards Committee on his behalf.  A monetary award is attached to this, along with a trophy, which the DeMolay is entitled to keep until the following year’s Conclave.







DeMolay Month Award (formerly Galloping Gavel Award)

Running from March 1st to March 31st each year, the award is given to the winning chapter as chosen by the committee for having the best DeMolay Month program. The winning chapter receives the Galloping Gavel DeMolay Month Award to display in their chapter for one year.

Prior to becoming the DeMolay Month Award, the Galloping Gavel was originally an award traded between chapters for bringing the most members and/or traveling the greatest distance when visiting another chapter.

The Galloping Gavel was presented to the State Association by Overlea Chapter, Order of DeMolay, in 1951. The gavel is over 4 feet tall and is made of solid wood and weighs approximately 15lbs.  The Gavel also comes with a dark blue satin bag for protection.



Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Maryland – Initiation Class Trophy

Dedicated to the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Maryland, it is awarded to the chapter that initiates the most members at the Grand Master’s Initiation Class.

The Grand Master’s Initiation Class is held every other year in correlation to the Grand Master’s term of office.

1982 – R.C. Carleton
1983 – Odenton
1987 – Mervell M.Dean
1989 – Catonsville
1990 – Kensington
1992- Nelson J. Briggs
1995- Nelson J. Briggs
2007 – Nelson J, Briggs
2009 – Catonsville
2011 – Savage




Maryland DeMolay Builders Award

Awarded several times during the year by the State Master Councilor or the Executive Officer to DeMolays who have brought in 2 or more members to help Maryland DeMolay grow.

Every DeMolay responsibility to grow and build DeMolay.  One to replace yourself at majority and one to grow DeMolay.









Maryland DeMolay Rookie of the Year

The Maryland DeMolay Rookie of the Year Award is given to an outstanding DeMolay who was initiated within the previous year since the last Conclave. This prestigious trophy is almost as large as the DeMolay who is awarded it. An outline of his various activities and achievements is prepared and submitted to the Awards Committee on his behalf. A monetary award is attached to this, along with a trophy, which the DeMolay is entitled to keep until the following year’s Conclave. His name, the name of his chapter, and the year of the award is permanently placed on the trophy.

List of Awardees:
2009- Trevor Trost, Chesapeake
2008- Nick Lawson, Catonsville-Palestine
2007- Greg Hoglund, Chesapeake
2006- Andrew Gale, Catonsville-Palestine
2003- Gray Kasko, Chesapeake
2002- Thomas Reinhardt, Frederick
2001- Crawford Thompson, Frederick
1999- Craig Eubank, Catonsville-Palestine
1998- J.C. Davis, Catonsville-Palestine
1997- Joel / Robert / Jackson Todd, Salisbury
1996- Jeremy / Zachary Brown, Nelson J Briggs
1995- Robert Green IV, Nelson J. Briggs
1993- Ely Sowers, Catonsville-Palestine
1992- Scott Murphy, Camp Springs

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