Maryland DeMolay 9/11 Memerial Video

The Maryland DeMolay 9/11 Memorial video was produced in February 2002 to be presented during the rededication ceremony held in March during Congress 2002.

After the attack on 9/11 DeMolay International announced that at least 3 Senior DeMolays were killed on that day.  The Congress committee felt it would be appropriate to Honor those Senior DeMolays and those killed, and produced the first section of the video to be shown at that Congress in March.

As Conclave 2002 approached, the idea was raised to show the video for all those in attendance at Conclave Opening, since only a small number of DeMolays and Advisor viewed it at Congress. We added the second section as a way to show how we as a country overcame the tragedy of the attacks on 9/11 to become stronger and more patriotic.

We are posting on our site for a short time, in honor of the Anniversary of 9/11.



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