Conclave 2018

Conclave 2018 will be held July 13-15, 2018 at Salisbury University.

The Conclave Banquet and Installation will be on Sunday, July   from 11:30am – 3pm.

Ads and Boosters are now being accepted.  We have a special incentive this year!

If a DeMolay sells $300 worth of outside ads (non-masonic), Conclave 2018 will be free!

If a Advisor sells $500 worth of outside ads (non-masonic), Conclave 2018 will be free!

To all Chapters,
    Here are a couple of changes we are implementing to the ads reimbursement program for a FREE Conclave.
* to earn a FREE Conclave a DeMolay must sell $300.00 and an Adult must sell $500.00 worth of OUTSIDE  ads (meaning any ad not including any of the collateral Masonic Bodies.)
* The indivisible Chapters will be responsible for turning in the Ads and tracking the amount of Ads sold per DeMolay and Advisor. This will allow the individual Chapters to “divide up” the amount to the DeMolay. Example: if a DeMolay sells $500.00 of OUTSIDE Ads, he would earn a FREE Conclave and the Chapter can “divide up” the remaining $200.00 to help another DeMolays to earn a FREE Conclave.
* There is no partial reimbursements. This is why we want the Chapters to be able to divide the monies up between your DeMolay’s to give away as many FREE Conclaves as we can.
* In order for no registration fee to be sent in with the DeMolay or Advisor earning a FREE Conclave, the Ads, monies and a list of those earning a FREE Conclave MUST be sent in by the due date for The Ads and Boosters and NOT the Registration deadline.
We understand that there have several Chapters who have multiple DeMolays and Advisors, and the cost can get a little high, so this is the reason we wanted the Chapters to be able to divide the Ads up to help out and give everyone a chance to enjoy The fun of Conclave.

2018 Conclave Registration Form

Two Ways to Pay your Registration

By Check – Print and Mail your form with check to the address on form.

By Credit Card – Print and Mail form to the address on form.  Use PayPal button below to process your credit card.  There is a $4.00 service charge added

Conclave 2018 Registration
Youth Registration84.00 USDDeMolay/Squire Registration. $80 + Processing Fee
Advisor Registration149.00 USDAdvisor/Guest Registration. $145 + Processing Fee
Banquet39.00 USDBanquet ONLY. $35 + Processing Fee
Your receipt will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

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