Chapter Officers Duties


A local DeMolay body is known as a Chapter and is headed by the Master Councilor. The Master Councilor is elected by members of his Chapter. The Master Councilor is assisted in his duties by a Senior Councilor and a Junior Councilor.

The Senior Councilor is usually considered to be next in line as Master Councilor and Junior Councilor to follow, though two people can run against each other. The remaining officers of a Chapter, which are appointed, are done so by the Master Councilor, except for the Scribe (Secretary) who is appointed by the Chapter’s Advisory Council.

DeMolay chapters function through a set of officers. Some are elected; some are appointed. The Master Councilor, Senior Councilor, Junior Councilor and Treasurer are always elected. All officers except where noted are appointed by the Master Councilor. The officers of a DeMolay Chapter are as follows:

Office Duties
Master Councilor Presiding officer for meetings, official representative of chapter to outside persons and organizations.
Senior Councilor Many times oversees ritual, ceremony work and fund raising. Assists Master Councilor and takes charge in absence of Master Councilor.
Junior Councilor Many times oversees membership, assists other councilors and takes charge in absence of both Master and Senior Councilors.
Scribe Records minutes at meetings, files necessary paper work, sends and receives all chapter communications.
Treasurer Manages chapter accounts and finances. In some chapters the office is symbolic and only adults handle chapter funds.
Senior Deacon Conducts candidates in initiation, assists councilors, sometimes proceeds to Junior Councilor.
Junior Deacon Communicates with Sentinel, assists Senior Deacon.
Senior Steward Keeps facilities clean and in order.
Junior Steward Assists Senior Steward.
Orator Presents ceremonies, makes necessary announcements.
Sentinel Verifies persons entering meetings, keeps disturbances away.
Chaplain Leads chapter is prayers during meetings and other events.
Marshal Conducts officers, guests and other visitors around the chapter room.
Standard Bearer Oversees the US, State and Chapter flags and proper presentation of each.
Almoner Collects alms for charities, and those sick or distressed.
1st Preceptor Represent the first Cardinal Virtue of DeMolay – Filial love (love between parent and child).
2nd Preceptor Represent the second Cardinal Virtue of DeMolay – Reverence for Sacred Things.
3rd Preceptor Represent the third Cardinal Virtue of DeMolay – Courtesy.
4th Preceptor Represent the fourth Cardinal Virtue of DeMolay – Comradship.
5th Preceptor Represent the fifth Cardinal Virtue of DeMolay – Fidelity.
6th Preceptor Represent the sixth Cardinal Virtue of DeMolay – Cleanness.
7th Preceptor Represent the seventh Cardinal Virtue of DeMolay – Patriotism.
Organist (Optional) Provides music during chapter meetings and public ceremonies.
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