Awards Day October 8, 2017

Awards Day 2017 is scheduled for October 8, 2017


Awards Day will be  held on October 8, 2017 in the Gothic Room of the Grand Lodge of Maryland from at 2:00pm- 5pm.

Maryland DeMolay will be conferring the Cross of Honor, Chevalier Degree, and Legion of Honor on very worthy recipients.

Those nominated, were elected at the DeMolay International Session held in Buffalo New York.

Awards Day was open to all friends and masonic family to help celebrate the accomplishment of those honored.  Mark your calendar now!



2017 Honorees – Chevalier

Francis Hall – Bowie-Collington

Ternin Morris – Frederick

Ian Anderson – Stephen J. Ponzillo, Jr.

Daniel McKinly – Stephen J. Ponzillo, Jr.

Raymond Lewis – Stephen J. Ponzillo, Jr.




2017 Honorees – Active Legion of Honor

Donald Goddard – Nelson J. Briggs



2017 Honorees – Honorary Legion of Honor

Donald Wyand – Frederick

Timothy Ollivett – Nelson J. Briggs 




2017 Honorees – Cross of Honor

Rafael Rodriguez – Bowie-Collington

Dennis Florian – George F. Moore

Kathleen Florian – George F. Moore



Elected Honorary Member DeMolay International

Marlin L. Mills, SGIG


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